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A Huge Difference To You

Morgans Plumbing and Heating are a family owned business and this is great news for you.
We understand the importance of being in a rush especially when a boiler is broken or the sump has stopped working and you are flooded, its more than a technical issue its all about keeping your family warm and your house in A1 condition.

The aim of our website is to be able to get rapid help and support to you, you will find guides for things such as understanding and choosing the right boiler, to what to do in an emergency and of course we have a range of services to offer. Wether you need a boiler serviced at a convenient time or you have an emergency right this very second all you have to do is pick up the phone and we will give you the best support available.

Whatever the situation we can help you plan, budget, repair, service and install for all of your plumbing and heating requirements.
We appreciate that not everyone is fully aware of technical terminology and not all people know the solution, so we take that extra step by cutting out the jargon and explaining things in such away you can make the best informed decision.

Pick up the phone and call us today.


A Message And Personal Promise From The Owner – Steven Morgan

Our team of experienced experts will always follow this process.

1. Understand the situation
2. Appreciate your requirements such as timescales and budget
3. Offer you the best advice

Whether you are speculating over the possibility of upgrading to underfloor heating, perhaps going green with solar paneling, or emergencies that require immediate and urgent attention you can rest assured with Morgans Plumbing and Heating.  
As a family run business we understand and appreciate your concerns and if you are ever in doubt you will always be able to speak directly to the owner of the company. My name is Steven Morgan and I’m always available to our customers.

I personally spend my own time working with clients, and supporting my team with on going training so our skills are maintained at the highest level. It’s what I would expect from any plumbing and central heating company, and I know its what you are looking for.
On behalf of my my team we look forward to supporting and working with you soon. 

Water Filtration: Whole House or Point of Use?

No matter what type of water filtration solution you’re considering, at some point you’ll have to decide: Do you want to treat all the water that enters the household or only water used at select locations?

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The Basics of Your Plumbing System

To most of us, one pipe looks pretty much like any other, and it’s easy to assume they’re all the same. But your plumbing system is actually a variety of different pipes with different purposes.

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Hard Water – A Solution

Invented in 1903, water softening technology didn’t move into widespread use until the 1920s. The original salt-based technology removed calcium and magnesium from water, eliminating the minerals that left white scale (limescale) on everything.

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